Kai Shun

KAI Shun kitchen knives, born from the samurai sword-making tradition.

The KAI Shun Classic

The KAI shun classic range has garnered widespread popularity among professional chefs as they go to kitchen knife collection for performance, precision and manufacturing quality all at an affordable price comparatively. The most established KAI Shun range with the widest selection of knife options.

Stainless steel composite

Carbon steel knives are known for retaining an edge longer and easier to sharpen, the one draw-back; Carbon steel requires a little more looking after. KAI shuns solution is to manufacture their knives with a stainless steel Damascus outer layer offering the convenience of stainless steel with the performance of carbon steel.

A Price Range that Works for you

No doubt KAI Shun are pricier than your run of the mill knife. However, KAI does have a beginner range in the Wasabi Black, perfect for the trainee chef attending culinary school. Along with the one-piece Seki Shoso range for the amateur home cook. And for the home cook or chef wanting the best, the Shun Classic and Tim Mälzer range might be for you?