Kitchen Knives & Accessories

They say a blunt kitchen knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Well, we stock some of the best performing premium Japanese knives on the market.

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Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

Prep work becomes a chore with a dull or poorly made knife. Luckily at uBaaHaus, we don't stock bad knives. Extremely sharp out the box and extremely hard Japanese steel. KAI Shun, Miyabi, Tojiro, Zwilling stand out brands with a history of producing some of the best kitchen knives around trusted by professional chefs across the globe.

The Right Knife for the Job

A solid chef and paring knife is a great starter set and will get you through most of your kitchen tasks. However, for those looking for specialist knives you will find, Yanagiba and Sujihiki's for slicing, Nakiri's for slicing veg, santoku's the Japanese chef knife alternative along with a variety of other knives designed specifically for certain kitchen tasks, have a little look around, you might be a few minutes away from the bread knife of your dreams : )

Care & Maintenance

The do's
— Invest in a good sharpening stone and Rod
— Hand wash and towel dry immediately
— Hang on magnetic knife rack or buy a knife sleeve protector
— Cut on Wood, rubber or plastic chopping boards
— Follow the manufacturer's guidelines

The don'ts 
— Chop on a glass or marble chopping board
— Put your knife in the dishwasher
— hack into bone
— Scrape the blade across the board