Check out our designer rugs, available in a variety of weave, material and pile options. Pick out a rug to complete your home today.

Add a Feature Piece

Often people are on the lookout for a rug to add vibrancy to a dull space. An area rug can also help to centre a confusing space creating a focal point. letting people know this is an area to gather around. Whatever the use for the centre rug, we stock a variety of fantastic high-quality designer brands.

Soften Hard Floor Surfaces

Hard floor finishes are great, they are robust and easy to clean. However, they can often feel cold and severe to the foot. It's a good idea to soften hard areas with a rug, especially in places of high traffic. Underneath a dining table, in a hallway at the base of a bed and as a centrepiece to a living room. These are some common practical locations to be considered.

Rugs in Different Shapes & Sizes

Peoples requirements for rugs are vast. Is comfort most important? Or are you looking for other properties? Like sturdiness, robustness and easy to clean? Whatever the need, you will need to consider the rug material, pile thickness, weave type, shape and style.