About Us

The journey begins here! Formed in August 2018 and launched in late June 2019, our ambitions are to build a platform filled with cool-amazing stuff to complement and enrich your everyday life. We are all about timeless designs and forms rebooted to be useful in the modern home. We firmly believe your purchases should be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come.

Our motto is "always in beta" We can't pretend it's an original phrase coined by ourselves! But it fits the original company masterplan. Striving to offer something different. This will become evident each milestone is hit. Like little worker ants chipping away little by little, don't worry, we won't forget to unveil critical events as they occur. We are looking to build an eco-system around all things household. What this will be for the consumer is a wide variety of choice and endless options not only in the obvious. But you will have to be patient; this is a long term project, and we are keeping our cards close to our chest.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the website and the content we put out weekly? Striving to provide content that adds value to our consumers in some way, and a website easy to navigate that stimulates and inspires. The site is feature-rich and easy to navigate; we try to be as transparent as possible and have many tools that help with your purchasing decisions. From video links, a comprehensive break down of costs, additional information at checkout, customers also bought, downloadable spec and installations sheets. Theirs many useful aids to helps your shopping decisions.

Sustainability, and the role uBaaHaus plays as a newly established company. Environmentally speaking our impact is small, but as we grow in size and influence, we want to adopt strategies that act as a net good. Not plans that look good or tick a box. But thoughtful well-conceived ideas. Currently, we support local manufacturers and makers where possible and actively seek out relationships with UK companies. Recyclable/Replenishable low impact products will always receive preferential treatment. Importantly, the products sold should stay in style. Often overlooked but selling to our customer's timeless classics help to reduce consumption.

As we push forward into the future, we promise to keep you updated on the changes we make that will impact our environmental footprint.