Who We Are

Launched in 2019, still today we are a small business but in transition with ambitious goals slowly being realised and implemented. A gradual change is starting, expect to see consistent rollout of our own contemporary, decorative, utilitarian pieces for the home. We want to stand out and we want to be different you can expect to see statement items that have a wow factor that garner intrigue, emote house-pride and make a room feel special.

We are strong advocates of craftsmanship; a quality product relies on the talent of the craftsman assisted by machine or not. Made in the UK is something that we want to proudly highlight and where this option possible it will take president over alternatives.

Our feeling is modern house building and interiors overtime have been on a consistent decline. The need for constant cost savings has led to characterless sterile and often inhuman environments gone are the days of ornamental features that add life and warmth. We don't think the home should feel like a smart phone with that being said you can expect our products to have elements of decoration that provide a feature so customers can transform a house of glass and white painted plaster board into a home. 

Of course this is subjective and you might think differently

Entering a room that feels good is obviously preferable to one that feels bad. Our hope and expectation when designing and releasing a product is that it gives those good feelings, offers function and where appropriate makes the user more motivated and effective in their day-to-day living.

As a relatively new company focus will undoubtedly be centred around product quality. However, we are committed to make constant and consistent improvement operationally, quicker production times for speedy delivery and lowering the free shipping threshold are two of the customer-centric goals we focus on most in fact recently we reduced our free delivery rate from £250 to £45 for our UK customers.

We are doing this all without outside investment, often we have to get creative with how we get deals done. One way we are able to get products into production is to design and prototype in house, working with manufacturers for production and launch earlybird pre-order sales, we hope this to be a win-win for you and for us. If earlybird sales interest you join our mailing list we always let our customers know about new product drops and special member price perks.

We have the intention of documenting the prototyping process as of today 25th May 2022 we have released one YouTube short, however, expect to see new video releases roughly on a biweekly basis. Please subscribe expect to get an insight into the product development journey. YouTube Channel click here.